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Investing in Bright Futures

Elizabeth House has served over 200 residents and their babies (since opening her doors in 1996) thanks to the initiatives of the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis as well as the funding providing by the RC Diocese of Calgary.

While the original focus of the program was to offer young pregnant and parenting women a safe environment to learn basic life skills and carry her baby to term, we recognize that a long range approach which focuses on resilience and building capabilities and encourages further education and/or jobs skills training is most effective.

The impact of childhood trauma, poverty and homelessness is not limited to a person's life under eighteen. Research shows us that the detrimental effects spill over to adulthood and include poor health outcomes, educational challenges (ability, access, completion) exposure to dangerous life situations (domestic violence, addictions) and low income. Unsupported, the cycle often continues with the next generation. 

By working in partnership, we can help to transform lives two generations at a time! 


We Encourage Dreaming

A mother with a plan for her life - plus the means to work towards that plan - is in a much better position to develop a healthy future for her child, whether she is choosing to parent or place her child for adoption. 


The purpose of Elizabeth House is to empower pregnant and parenting women to build resilience, core skills and work towards a successful transition to the next stage in their journey.


​Each woman has the space and support to work towards her immediate and long term goals. Once settled, women often choose to become involved in therapeutic, educational, skill building or work related pursuits. 

Mission: Elizabeth House supports pregnant and parenting women in need. We offer secure, supported housing and person-centered care plans designed to promote the transition to successful, independent living. 

Vision: Mothers who value and care for themselves and their children and who experience stability, support and meaningful connections in their family and community.

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