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Investing in Community

Elizabeth House relies on financial support,  in-kind donations, volunteers, & community partnerships to offer services and support to our families.

Our goal is for our residents to have access to the opportunities and resources that will enable them to take charge of their life. We support participants in all aspects of their life and help to support them to develop and foster their own community.  Our community relies on donations that support the families within the walls of Elizabeth House and beyond. 

We are a non-denominational program of the R.C. Diocese of Calgary. 100% donations made to Elizabeth House go directly to operations for this invaluable program.


Donations go Directly to Operations for Elizabeth House. See how your donations work to build community. 

Daily Operations: Everything from ensuring a safe, clean and welcoming home for our residents, to recreation, food and supplies and the amazing staff team that makes it all happen!

Education Plans: Invest in knowledge by contributing to the costs associated with earning a GED, applying to post-secondary schooling or taking a training program.

Rental Subsidies: Resident’s pay room and board (up to maximum of $480/mth) based on financial ability. With your generosity, a lack of income is not a barrier to acceptance.

Mental Health Services: Help by subsidizing the costs associated with professional counselling services. We connect residents to practitioners that support the journey. 

Transportation Costs: Provide a ticket to ride! Transit tickets and bus passes are always needed to help our families get from point A to B.

Childcare: Contribute to one of the biggest hurdles that families face; the high cost of childcare.

Event Sponsorship: In an effort to raise operational funds and attract community awareness, we rely on collaboration. Please consider becoming a sponsor or hosting your own third party event!

For more information on how you can help support in building community, contact our Operations Coordinator: 

Sarah Cormier


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