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Our program and services

Elizabeth House Program and services
Transitional housing Calgary

A transitional home 

A safe and supportive home for pregnant women and mothers, provided by a community who cares. 

Elizabeth House provides a safe place to live for up to 7 women and their babies at a time. Depending on needs and circumstances, women can stay throughout their pregnancy and until their child is approximately 2 years old or more.

"Elizabeth House has pretty much saved me. I feel absolutely safe, well taken care of and welcomed. Being here has given me a sense of belonging. I don't feel so lost. And I don't worry where my next meal will come from or if my child has enough clothes or diapers. Elizabeth House will always and forever hold a special place in my heart for being my son's first home and where I began my journey through motherhood."


- Former EH mom

Impact at Elizabeth House

At Elizabeth House, you and your child are provided a private furnished bedroom as well as full amenities including shared laundry, kitchen and common areas including a backyard. Our shared housing is located in inner-city Calgary, close to several major bus routes. Our street address is private for safety reasons.

Individualized care for mothers and pregnant women

Individualized care

When you stay at Elizabeth House, you gain access to individualized professional and peer-based support that best meets your unique needs and long-term goals.


Working side-by-side with our dedicated support team, you take the lead and actively participate in your own resiliency journey. 

What you can expect

At Elizabeth House, you'll have a whole team supporting, and believing in you to build lifelong resilience, and empowerment. You'll live in an inclusive home-like environment with a private individual room and plenty of shared common space. 

  • Room & board fee determined on a sliding scale depending on your income with a rental cap of $550

    • Room includes: furnished double or queen size bed and new linens, bassinet or crib, bedside table, dresser, closet, storage space

    • Board includes:  all household supplies (laundry soap, cleaners, towels, etc.) and basic staple and pantry foods.

    • With the support of team members, you will make grocery lists and shop following a household budget

  • A dedicated 1:1 Care Coordinator to assist you with: 

    • Your transition into motherhood, and build a vision for your future

    • Help create and stay accountable to a step-by-step plan into action to realize that vision

    • Accessing income support

    • Additional food resources

    • Navigating systems (IDs, housing referrals, etc.)

    • Postpartum and parenting supports and resources

    • Opportunities to connect with other mothers, and resources

  • 24/7 connection and support from on-site team who can assist you with: 

    • Postpartum and parenting support

    • Learning and practicing skills such as household tasks, cleaning, cooking, budgeting, self-care and life balance

    • Participating in house and community events and programing 

  • Community living

    • Shared living space with other moms and infants

    • Shared responsibility and support to maintain household together

    • Opportunity to learn, cook, and share meals

    • Support from EH team around communication and conflict management

    • A supported environment that nurtures personal growth, healing and resilience

How to apply

For women who are looking for a positive long-term change with access to a strong support system for yourself and your child, we encourage you to apply to Elizabeth House.  


Applicants must meet our basic eligibility criteria as well as complete a thorough application process including an interview, in order to be considered for acceptance. 

happy mom and new baby

Update: July 2024

Please note we are currently at capacity but are still accepting applications. 

Basic eligibility requirements

  • Pregnant, or parenting one child under 24 months of age (includes those placing for adoption and working towards reunification)

  • Facing housing uncertainty, including homelessness

  • Desire to work with our team and partners in creating and implementing a care plan centred around personal growth

Important: Please note that due to the nature of our location and program, we are only able to support women in low-risk situations. If you are currently experiencing domestic violence or if substance use is negatively impacting your daily life, we will kindly refer you to one of our valued partners. We will consider your application once you have accessed specialized support.

The admission process

Elizabeth House is not an emergency shelter. If you are in need of immediate assistance and shelter, or you are actively fleeing domestic violence please contact the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter.


Please note that due to the small and intimate nature of our program, our rooms are typically full with a waitlist. However, we are always accepting applications.

How it works:

  • Complete the Elizabeth House Intake Form here. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact us at 403-228-9724

  • ​You will receive an automatic email from us confirming we have received your application and your place on the waitlist

  • Due to the high volume of applicants and limited number of spaces available, you will only be contacted if we have an opening, and you meet the admission criteria

Questions are welcomed. Please call us at 403-228-9724 or email us at

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who do you accept into the program? 

A. We welcome pregnant women and mothers of all ages with low or no income, whether they are choosing to adopt or parent. Youth under the age of 14 years will require their legal guardian's consent to participate in the program.

Q. Do I have to be Catholic or Christian to live at Elizabeth House?

A. No, our program is open to all women of all walks and faiths.  We do ask that all residents respect the beliefs of others in order to create a healthy and safe community in which all residents can live and grow together.


Q. How long can I stay?

 A. Elizabeth House is a long-term program where our residents can stay throughout their pregnancy and until their child is approximately 2 years old. This varies depending on the unique circumstances of each mother and her goals. We also provide ongoing alumni and outreach support.


Q. Is there a cost for the program?

A. Yes. Room and board fees are individually calculated on a sliding scale, based on current income. Low or no income is not a barrier for program acceptance. 


Q. How do I get referred to the program?

A. You do not need a referral to apply. Program referrals are welcome and encouraged, but as a voluntary program, we highly encourage women to apply themselves and express their own desire to participate. You can apply online here.


Q. Can I have a tour of the house?

A. For the safety and privacy of our families, we do not offer public tours of Elizabeth House and our address remains undisclosed. Applicants may request photos or a video tour during the application process.


Q. ​​​Can my other children and/or my partner come to live with me?

A. We may be able to accommodate an additional young child, please inquire. Our program is for pregnant women and mothers only, and unfortunately we are unable to house other family members, friends, husbands or boyfriends. . 


Q. Can I bring my pet(s) to live with me?

A. Unfortunately no. Please contact the Calgary Humane Society, or the Meow Foundation to learn more about pet supports. 


Q. ​Who operates Elizabeth House?

A. We are a non-denominational program of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary. Elizabeth House is run by a team of passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers. Meet our team.


Q. Who funds Elizabeth House?

A. We are grateful to our donors, as we rely on ongoing fundraising and annual donations from individuals and organizations in order to keep our doors open. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary provides financial administration and oversight. When you donate to Elizabeth House, every dollar goes directly to the operations of this invaluable program. Donate online today.

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