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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Catholic or Christian to live, work or volunteer at Elizabeth House?


No. Although we are a faith-based organization, the program is open to all women of any or no faith. We ask that all residents respect the beliefs of others in order to create a healthy and safe community in which all residents can live and grow together.


How long can women stay?


Elizabeth House is a long term program and residents can stay throughout their pregnancy and until their child is approximately 2 years old. This varies depending on the unique circumstances of each mother and her goals.


Is there a cost for the program?



Yes. Room and board fees are individually calculated on a sliding scale,  based on current income. A lack of financial resources is not a barrier to admission.

How does one apply or get referred to the program?

You do not need a referral to apply and we prefer that women apply themselves.  Elizabeth House is a voluntary program and applicants must express their own desire to participate.  Natural and professional supports are welcome and encouraged to participate in the application process with them women applying.  You can apply online here.

Where is Elizabeth House located?


Elizabeth House is located inner-city NW Calgary. Our street address is private for safety reasons. We are close to several major bus routes (#2, #3).

Can I have a tour of the house?

For the safety and privacy of our residents, we do not offer public tours of Elizabeth House and our address remains undisclosed. Applicants may request photos or a video tour during the application process.


​​​Can my other children and/or my partner come to live with me?

We may be able to accommodate an additional young child, please inquire. Our program is for pregnant and parenting women only, and unfortunately we do not house boyfriends, partners or spouses. 


Can I bring my pet(s) to live with me?

Unfortunately no. Please contact the Calgary Humane Society , Meow Foundation to learn more about pet supports. 


​Who operates Elizabeth House?


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary’s Charities & Development Office provides oversight to our non-denominational program. 

Who funds Elizabeth House?


Funding is provided by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary through its Together in Action campaign, an annual grant from the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis, as well as monies received through private donations and various organizations.

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