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Our rooms are currently full. We are still accepting applications and  we will contact you for more information.
(Updated March 17 2023)

Elizabeth House is transitional home  and program designed to assist pregnant and parenting young women to build the skills and supports necessary for life long resilience. We provide a safe and loving (communal) residence for up to six (6) residents and their babies at a time.


A long term commitment is expected and ideal so as to complete the program offerings. Based on individual needs and performance, residents may then qualify to stay within the home up until their child is approximately 2 years old.


In residence, each woman receives:

  • A private furnished bedroom for herself and her child

  • Full amenities including shared laundry, kitchen, common areas

  • 1 on 1 case management support with our Resilience Specialist to assist in the journey from uncertainty and crisis to stability and thriving using the CUPS Integrated Care Assessment Tools and Resilience framework

  • Encouragement and opportunities to pursue further education and/or job skills training

  • Opportunities to connect with other young mothers and engage in positive community programming and events

  • 24 hour on-site staff support for connection and support, skill building,as well as post-partum and parenting support

Admission Criteria:

Individuals who have chosen to apply to our program do so largely because they want to make positive, long term changes in their lives and create a strong support system for themselves and their child.  


Applications are available on our website. Applicants to the program must meet our basic eligibility criteria as well as complete a thorough application process, including an interview, in order to be considered for acceptance.  

  • Pregnant, or parenting one child under 24 months of age (includes those placing for adoption and working towards reunification)

  • Homeless, or at risk of homelessness

  • Willingness to work with our staff in creating and implementing a care plan centered around personal growth

  • We do not have capacity to support women are actively using substances or are in immediate danger due to violence. We will kindly refer them to one of our valued partners for support

Based on individual needs and program compatibility, participants may reside at Elizabeth House until their child reaches two years of age. We also provide ongoing alumni and outreach supports.



Program Fees:

Participants pay a small monthly room and board fee which is calculated on a sliding scale, based on current income.


This fee covers food, accommodation, utilities and household items. An inability to pay is not a barrier for application or residency. Staff can support the applicant in gaining a stable income.

​Admission Process:

Inquiries are accepted from any source however, official application needs to be made by the individual herself as this is a voluntary program.


Call the office at (403) 228-9724 and/or complete the Elizabeth House Intake Form online. 

Program staff will contact you within 1-3 business days.

  • If you are eligible, program staff will notify you if there is an opening or if you are on our waiting list.

  • If there is a vacancy, staff will ask you to complete a second application and set up an interview in order to determine if the program is right for you.

  • Youth under the age of 14 years will require their legal guardian's consent to participate in the program.

  • If you do not meet admission criteria, we will provide referrals based on your needs. 

  • If we are not able to contact you after three attempts, your application will be held for three months.

For more information, call (403) 228-9724 or email:

Complete the Intake Form

Our rooms are currently full. We are still accepting applications and we will contact you for more information.
(Updated March 17 2023)

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