Help Make Our House A Home!

We all know that a new baby is a daunting concept to even the most prepared parent equipped with a supportive spouse and family. When that child is born into a challenging situation however, daunting does not even begin to cover it.


Elizabeth House works with partner agencies and volunteers alike who bring their life experience, support, care, and expertise to our moms so as to ensure that their journey on to parenting and independence is not made alone.

​For more information on the volunteer opportunities available at Elizabeth House, please complete our inquiry form and/or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at today!

Join Our Family

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill these roles: 

MENTORSHIP TEAM: Do you have lived experienced overcoming adversity and want to support an Elizabeth House resident as she navigates her own journey? Become a part of this supportive 4-person mentorship team. * Click here to apply.

CAPACITY BUILDING COMMITTEE:  Use yours skills to make Elizabeth House a stronger and more sustainable program. There are 4 Committee roles available: 

Committee Chairperson:* Click here to apply. 

Facility Maintenance Lead:* Click here to apply. 

Fundraising Lead:* Click here to apply. 

Marketing & Communications Lead:* Click here to apply. 

*All volunteers are subject to an interview and screening process, which may include criminal record check, child welfare, and references.