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How We Help

At Elizabeth House we believe that anyone can achieve success given the proper support system and that a safe and loving place to call 'home' is where that journey often begins.


Living here represents an amazing opportunity for vulnerable pregnant and parenting women experiencing crisis to take control of their future. By replacing fear and uncertainty with a stable and caring (home) environment, our residents can then work towards building the confidence, skills, and community connections  needed to create viable life plans and healthier outcomes for themselves and child.

Being welcomed home, each woman is provided with a private, furnished bedroom. The common areas of the home including kitchen, dining, living, and bathrooms are shared and the responsibility  of all residents.

To ensure that our families get off to the best start possible, Elizabeth House also acts as a conduit to community resources and agencies in and around the City of Calgary. Each connection facilitated is done so to increase resiliency as well as the successful transition.

Once settled in, each resident is partnered with an internal caseworker to help facilitate an individual action plan that includes:


  • Developing skills in areas such as parenting, meal planning, and budgeting;

  • Learning about healthy relationships and general well-being;

  • Participating in a day program (parenting classes, school, employment, volunteering);

  • Determining short and long term goals plus the actions required to reach those goals.