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Transforming personal storage at Elizabeth House with the garage organization project

We are beyond grateful with the incredible garage organization and storage locker project that was donated by Ethan Karter Construction and completed in July 2023.


In September 2023, we recall sitting with a few family members from the JB Schultz Family Foundation, who asked us, “what is your biggest pain point?” and “how we can help?”


Adequate personal storage for the mothers and babies at Elizabeth House was a growing concern for us.


Storage space in the home is limited with each family having only their bedroom to store their belongings. In some cases, women are forced to leave some of their personal items behind due to the lack of storage. And families are also unable to store any items for when they are ready to move out on their own.


Fast-forward a few months, the JB Schultz Foundation was able to connect us with Matt and his team at Ethan Karter Construction to make our dreams a reality.


Ethan Karter Construction designed 7 individual storage lockers for the garage, where personal belongings could be safely and securely stored. They were also able to include an additional common storage area with shelves to greatly improve our garage organization.  


We can’t thank Ethan Karter Construction and their dedicated volunteers enough for making this possible for us!


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