Leisure & Transport

For all Calgarians

Fair Entry Program by the City of Calgary

-For low income Calgarians to access city transit, recreation and more, at a reduced rate. 

-Click website link for info and application:


Programs for Indigenous Youth

Diamond Willow Youth Lodge by Miskanawah

-Offers a variety of programs and activities for Indigenous youth (ages 12-29)

Click website link for more info: https://miskanawah.ca/diamond-willow-youth-lodge

Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY)

-Offers a variety of programs and activities for Indigenous youth. 

Click for program info: https://usay.ca/programs/

Ready to register? Cick: https://usay.ca/join-the-usay/

Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary

Click for program info: https://www.afccalgary.org/programs/

Call: 403-270-7379