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Emergency Housing Resources

If you are experiencing
(or have questions about)
Domestic and relationship abuse

24-Hour Family Violence Helpline

Phone: 1-866-606-SAFE(7233) Toll Free in Alberta

Text: 403-604-6689


Sexual abuse and sexual assault


Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

Phone or Text: 1-866-403-8000    Toll Free in Alberta

Online support chat:

​If you are in immediate danger: Call 911

Shelters for homelessness (individuals & families):

Click website link for a list of shelter locations:

Emergency financial assistance
(For shelter and other emergencies listed)



CUPS may be able to provide you with emergency financial support or a referral for this with another agency. 

-Going through CUPS can have the benefit of getting connected to other supports that they offer.

Click website link for info:

Call: 403-221-8780


Walk in: 1001, 10 Ave SW Calgary

Alberta Supports

Client of Alberta Income Support:

-Contact your worker


After hours or non-client:

-Apply for emergency support by method listed here:

Temporary Shelter:             online or phone

Eviction payments:             online


Damage Deposit:                  online


Utility arrears:                      online 

Food:                                       online or phone


Clothing:                                online or phone


Child Care:                             online


Transportation:                    online


Medication:                           phone


Emergency Basic Dental:    phone

For online applications:

-You’ll need to use a computer as a phone or tablet won’t work. 

-You’ll be prompted to create a MyAlberta Digital ID if you don’t yet have one.

-Click 'Apply online' at this website:


For 24/7 phone applications/inquiries to the Emergency Income Support Contact Centre, call:  1-866-644-5135 (Toll free)

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